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With over 15 years of industry experience, Connor is an awarded hairstylist with a charismatic and adaptable attitude.


Having been in salons and on sets filled with education and assisting his mentors, Connor brings a vast knowledge of hairstyling, colouring, cutting and extension work to set.


Connor thrives on creativity and enjoys creating looks from simple to extreme.


As a Goldwell Mastercolorist, he has spent the last five years as a sought-after colour and product educator for Goldwell + KMS. Having an ever-evolving, in-depth and practical knowledge of products and usage, this allows Connor to create any look.


Connor’s celebrity clientele includes Dan Levy, Annie Murphy, Rachelle LeFevre, Kristin Kreuk, Ana Golja, Charlotte Sullivan and Candy Palmater.


With absolute attention to detail, he is able to execute colour and cut continuity during production, and provide the necessary products and instructional steps for the talent to take care of it at home.


Connor has participated and placed in many national and international industry hair awards and competitions. However, he finds his biggest competition is himself - pushing to be better than he was yesterday. His focus proves that the smallest details can make the biggest impact.


As a true team player, he also works extremely well independently. His professional yet friendly demeanour puts the talent at east.


Connor brings passion and professionalism of the highest level with his extensive experience and in-depth practical knowledge. He drives on executing his craft and creativity as well as an understanding of ‘the look’ for each talent and role.

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